GKrellM 2.3

Free Monitoring program for checking the status of the CPU, RAM memory, hard disk
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GKrellM is a useful monitoring application that allows you to check the status of the CPU, RAM memory, hard disk, network interfaces, and other computer system parameters right on your desktop.
The program consists of a small window which is placed on your desktop and can be moved or placed in other position but its size cannot be adjusted. The window is always on the background and you can use 5 theme alternatives for it and change its fonts. The main advantage of the program is that you can choose which system parameter will be monitored and launch a command when pressing its name on the window.

The system parameters which can be controlled, besides the above-mentioned, include clock, Internet, file system, battery, and uptime commands - you can change the display format and configure the options for each one.

GKrellM has some limitations, which include: no local mail support, swap activity cannot be determined in a reliable way, the system load value is calculated by the program itself because Windows has no concept of this parameter.

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Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can choose which system parameters will be monitored and launch a command when its name on the window is pressed
  • The program can be also installed as a service


  • No local mail support as in the Unix version
  • Swap activity cannot be determined in a reliable way on Windows
  • The program was first created to work with UNIX, so the system load result may differ from the results obtained with the Windows Task Manager because they are calculated differently


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